Fixed, mobile and unattended POS solutions

We are proud to present our full range of electronic payment terminals and accessories, designed to meet the diverse needs of your business.


Payment terminals

We offer a wide range of devices for accepting payments. Mobile, fixed, unattended or virtual terminals for your online shop, S4I has the latest innovations in electronic payments. Our Eftpos terminals offer fast transaction processing, ease of use and a seamless payment experience for your customers.


Monnayeurs automatique

Security, hygiene, control and convenience. Money is no longer within the reach of employees, so no more counting errors or losses. Thanks to its computer, the authenticity of the currency is controlled. You can receive notifications about the status of the machine. You can monitor your spending in real time, on a separate screen or even on your phone. You don't need to close the cash register every day, because cash is controlled remotely.


Payment systems

We offer you all the latest innovations in terms of POS solutions for your business. Modular to suit your needs, our machines are easy to use and offer a complete checkout solution tailored to your requirements. Our products are designed to simplify the management of your point of sale. They allow you to track sales, manage stock and generate sales reports, giving you a complete overview of your business performance.



This revolutionary technology turns any smartphone or tablet into a secure and efficient electronic payment terminal (EPT). With our selection of SoftPOS, you can accept credit and debit card payments with ease, whether you're in your shop, out in the field, or at special events. They are compatible with Android and Appel.



In addition to our range of hardware solutions, we are also proud to offer you a complete range of E-Solutions, designed to meet the needs of the digital age. E-commerce has become essential for businesses that want to extend their reach and offer an online shopping experience to their customers.


Acquiring only

Not satisfied with your rates? Do you think you're paying too much for your transactions? We can help! As a payment solutions broker, our mission is to offer the best rates for everyone. Discover our selection of low-cost acquirers.

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